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Trip and Fall Injuries

Trip and fall injuries occur when a person literally trips on an object, which is located on land owned or managed by an individual or property manager. Unlike a slip and fall accident, a trip and fall accident implies the injured person shares the blame for his or her injuries. The mere mention of the word “trip” is often sufficient to imply the injured individual was at least partially negligent, which resulted in a trip and fall accident.

Injuries resulting from a trip and fall accident range from minor to severe. In cases where a victim has substantial injuries, that person may wish to file a lawsuit against the landowner or property manager. Although in a trip and fall case the plaintiff may share in responsibility, this does not necessarily mean he or she is completely barred from recovering for his or her injuries.

Trip and Fall Lawyers

Trip and fall lawyers are highly skilled personal injury lawyers who may specialize or focus their practice on representing victims of this particular type of injury. Trip and fall attorneys know the ins and outs of these types of cases, and can generally know if you have a legitimate case based on your initial consultation. Speaking of your initial consultation, it will be absolutely free. This is because trip and fall lawyers listed on LawInfo offer each of our site visitors free consultations to discuss your personal injury case. If you become a client, your case will generally be taken on contingency, meaning you won’t have to pay unless your case is won.

How a Trip and Fall Attorney can Help My Case

Trip and fall attorneys can be an incredible help to your trip and fall case. Generally when you’re injured on someone else’s property their insurance company will get involved to defend the case. Trip and fall lawyers negotiate with insurance companies daily and can get you the best recovery for your damages. If a settlement is unavailable your trip and fall lawyer will be qualified to argue your case in court.

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