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Why Should I Hire a Civil Appellate Attorney?

If you are not satisfied with your trial’s outcome because you disagree with the Judge or jury's decision, you should retain an appellate attorney. Consulting with an appellate attorney may be able to help you reach more favorable the outcome on appeal.

The appeals process can be confusing, and an attorney with legal training in appeals could help guide you through the process.

  • Some of the ways a civil appellate attorney can support you include:
  • Help you reach your desired outcome on appeal
  • Provide the tools and experience necessary to defend your rights in appeal
  • Explain the errors that may have occurred at the trial level
  • Be an intermediary between you and the court system
  • Review the lower court's application of the law to the facts as presented at trial
  • Determine whether the trial Judge or jury properly applied the law to the facts of the cas
  • Realistically advise you whether to proceed with the appeals process, as certain things are not reversible by the appellate court

If you are not satisfied with your trial’s outcome and want to appeal your case, or have been served with a notice of appeal by an opposing party, speaking with a civil appellate attorney will help you understand your rights and options.

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