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Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious crime and refers to mental, physical, or sexual harm or neglect of a minor. Law enforcement agencies, when made aware of such abuse, vigorously investigate and ultimately prosecute the responsible party. However law enforcement generally only get involved when the abuser is someone other than the parents or guardians. If the parents are the source of the abuse, a state agency, known as Child Protective Services, will investigate and then hand their findings over to law enforcement.

How Can an Attorney Help Me with My Child Abuse Case?

If your child is the victim of abuse you will undoubtedly want to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. A child abuse attorney who is familiar with child abuse laws will help you understand the process. If the abuse is done by the other parent your attorney will help you petition the court for full custody and/or an end to visitation. You may even consider consulting a criminal law attorney who will be well versed in how your case will unfold and will help prepare you for your role in the case to convict the perpetrator.

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