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In the United States, the privilege of citizenship is the highest immigration benefit available. Citizen As a citizen a person gives their loyalty to the U.S. government and the government in return protects its citizens and the rights afforded them in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Citizenship has more rights than Permanent Residency status, such as the right to vote.

Ways to Become a Citizen

Citizenship can be obtained by one of the following ways:

  • Birth – being born in the US or one of its territories
  • Blood – being born to one or more U.S. citizen parent, no matter of the location of birth
  • Naturalization – the process of obtaining citizenship through special legal means

Not everyone who lives in the United States qualifies for Citizenship. It is important to understand the requirements and processes that are involved. A Lead Counsel Rated Citizenship attorney will help guide you through the complicated citizenship laws.

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