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What Is Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy?

A chapter 7 personal bankruptcy is a legal process in which a person who is unable to repay debt he has accumulated will be allowed to walk away from that debt, thereby getting a new financial start. The debtor must make some major sacrifices and these are outlined by the court and a trustee who is retained to oversee the entire process

Why a Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Is Important

Are you drowning in debt? Do you want to stop the harassing calls from debtors? If this is due to your inability to pay your bills, you should consider filing a personal bankruptcy action (also known as) chapter 7. A bankruptcy attorney can help you get out of debt through a bankruptcy court action.

How a Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

An experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will guide your through the entire process and also assist you with the following:

  • Finding out if you qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you don’t, you may qualify for another debt relief measure and he will help you figure this out.
  • Helping you gather the many documents required for this process.
  • Providing advice on how to stop habits that brought about your financial problems.
  • Referring you to professionals to help you with credit counseling.
  • Educating you on how the bankruptcy will affect your credit score and for how long.

Bankruptcy laws are complex and constantly changing. A lay person will likely have a very difficult time bringing this action to court. Since getting a handle on overwhelming debt is so important make sure your bankruptcy action is handled by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Should I Hire a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you are a consumer or business facing foreclosure, lawsuits, liens, repossession or wage garnishment, an experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can find the best option to help eliminate your debt and give you a fresh financial start.

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