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Child Support

The issue of child support comes up when there is a break up of a relationship in which there are children. It refers to any payment made to cover living expenses of such children. Child support generally lasts until minor children reach the age of majority, usually 18, until they graduate from school, or an agreed upon time.

Why a Child Support Attorney Is Important

Often times, the money that the custodial parent (the parent who had physical custody of the child/children) receives for child support is the only means of providing for the child’s needs. It is therefore essential that the issue of child support is handled by a competent family law attorney.

How a Child Support Attorney Can Help

You may be wondering how a child support attorney help with your child support case. Your attorney will be able to:

  • Calculate the amount of child support you are entitled to based on established state guidelines
  • Assist you in gathering the required personal data for the court to make a determination
  • Present your case to the court in the best possible light
  • Explain what to expect at each stage of the process and prepare you for it

When you are in a child custody battle your relationship with your child, perhaps one of the most valuable relationships you will ever have, is at stake. You should do all you can to bring about the best possible outcome. An experienced child support attorney will help to achieve such a result.

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