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A will is a legal document that expresses upon your death what you want to happen to your belongings and assets, who you want to care for your minor children, and any special instructions you have regarding your affairs.

Without a will, what you leave behind can fall into probate court, which will administer your estate, resolve claims, and disposes of your assets without regard to what you would have liked to have happen. It’s best to avoid probate court.

You do not need to be old to have a will.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Prepare My Will?

If your estate is modest, you can write a simple will yourself, however, it is in your best interests to have a lawyer who is experienced in writing wills produce a will for you.

That’s because state laws regarding wills vary and you may miss something that may become an issue among your heirs and creditors. At least have a lawyer review the will you write to see if it has any deficiencies.

For those who have more than modest assets, hiring an attorney to produce your will can avoid pitfalls and oversights. The work can be completed for a reasonable fee and provide you with peace of mind.

What Does a Will Attorney Do?

  • Your attorney will help you understand what a will is and detail all that a will can encompass.
  • Your attorney will ask you what you want your will to do, and what you do not want it to do. For example, how you want to distribute your assets to your children or to anyone else. You may not want your youngest son to inherit your classic muscle car, so what do you want to happen to it?
  • Your attorney will write your will using language that avoids loopholes, anticipates conflict, and conforms with the laws of your state.

Making changes to your will can also be accomplished by your attorney whenever you decide to do so. In the end you will have a valid will and keep your state out of your business.

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