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Employment Retirement Income Security Act

ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is a federal law that mandates how companies in private industry manage employee pension plans and group health insurance benefits.

The law provides specifics on:


  • Information the employer must give plan participants and how often
  • Details on when and how a participant’s interest in the pension vests
  • Process for a participant to sue the employer when a breach of fiduciary duty has occurred
  • Protection from mismanagement or misuse
  • Guarantee of some benefits if the plan is terminated

Health Insurance

  • Disclosures employers must provide to plan participants, including details on what benefits are offered, the rules for obtaining benefits, and plan limitations
  • A required written policy that outlines how claims should be filed
  • A required written appeals process
  • The protection of individuals from discrimination in collecting plan benefits

If you participate in a company pension or group health insurance plan and believe your benefits are being mismanaged or you have been denied benefits, talk with an attorney who handles ERISA cases.

Employment Retirement Income Security Act Attorneys Can Help

Employer provided pension and insurance plans by their very nature are designed to handle the diverse concerns of a large group of people. Consequently, understanding all the intricacies of the benefit plans and navigating their often convoluted organizations can be overwhelming for an individual.

An attorney experienced in handling ERISA-related claims will know the law and can advise you on how it applies in your case. The lawyer also can ensure that your claims are filed before statutory deadlines expire.

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