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Sex Crimes Overview

Sex crimes are serious offenses. In addition to the severe penalties that can be imposed, convicted sexual offenders are required to report their home, work, and school addresses with state and federal registries.

What a Sex Crime Attorney Can Do

If you have been arrested and charged with a sex crime, a sex crime attorney can help you defend against the charges. Sex crimes cover a broad range of conduct that is subject to interpretation. Often, the conduct in question has been witnessed by only the alleged victim and perpetrator. The gray areas of subjectivity are where an attorney may be able to build your defense case.
Several factors if present can influence which crime you are charged with and the severity of the punishment imposed if you are convicted. These factors include:
  • Weapon: A weapon used in the commission of the crime can be evidence of force, contradicting claims that the sexual conduct was consensual
  • Age: The age of the alleged victim and the perpetrator are critical to establishing statutory rape and can influence judgment on whether the sexual contact was consensual
  • Injury: If the alleged victim was beaten or physically harmed in any way and the severity of the injuries can be evidence of force and non-consent and impact the harshness of the punishment imposed
  • Relationship: The relationship between the alleged victim and perpetrator or the absence of a relationship can influence cases of rape, sexual assault, domestic assault, and others.

Why it Is Important to Contact a Sex Crime Attorney

A sex crime attorney will know the law behind the offenses you are charged with and how best to present your defense. Also, an attorney can:
  • Arrange for your release from jail pending trial
  • Help you arrange bail
  • Investigate the circumstances of your case
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges
  • Negotiate a plea bargain for a reduced sentence or probation
  • Represent you at hearings and trial
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