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Reasons You May Need a Racketeering Attorney

There are several ways in which your life may be impacted by a case of racketeering:

  • You may suspect you unknowingly engaged in racketeering and want to avoid prosecution
  • You have been arrested on a charge of racketeering or expect to be arrested
  • You have been victimized by racketeering and want to bring a civil suit for damages
  • You have been sued in civil court by someone accusing you of racketeering

Whether the situation involves criminal prosecution or a civil action, racketeering is a serious charge. Racketeering is the organized commission of a pattern of crimes and the conspiracy to commit the crimes. By definition, racketeering concerns the conduct of a group of people and not merely the actions of one single individual.

How a Racketeering Attorney Can Help You

You may want to consult an attorney to ensure your individual interests are protected and your personal concerns are addressed.
A licensed attorney can:

  • Advise you on state and federal anti-racketeering laws
  • Make a case that you were victimized by racketeering and help you establish damages
  • Prevent law enforcement from seizing your bank accounts and personal property thought to be the fruit of an illegal enterprise
  • Challenge an indictment against you
  • Challenge the prosecutor’s or plaintiff’s assertion of the predicate crimes and conspiracy necessary to establishing the crime of racketeering
  • Represent you as your defense counsel in a criminal case

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