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Nursing Home Neglect

The aged and infirmed who are placed into nursing or convalescent homes deserve proper care and treatment, but they can be neglected by the facilities’ staff. Such neglect can result in physical, psychological, and emotional harm and can lead to a negligence lawsuit, and even criminal charges and loss of license.

Should I Hire a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney?

It is in your best interest to hire a nursing home neglect attorney experienced in handling cases against facilities failing to provide the care required for patients and residents.

Pursuing a lawsuit can provide financial compensation for your loved one if a nursing home, hospital or long-term assisted living facility provided substandard or inadequate care that caused physical or psychological injury.

Legal action also can encourage the particular nursing home and industry to operate at a higher standard of care.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, deadlines must be met or your right to sue will be waived.

What Can a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Do?

Your attorney can review the circumstances of the harm caused to determine if you have a cause of action and, if so, evaluate your claim.

Most attorneys provide free initial consultations and many will conduct your case and collect a fee paid by a portion of the damages awarded to you, if any.

Your attorney can investigate the circumstances of the harm caused and the record of the nursing home to determine if negligence is a relatively common occurrence, which would give your case greater weight.

The investigation also includes interviewing the nursing home operators and staff to build your theory of negligence. Negligence in the law is a fairly broad topic with various levels of seriousness, ranging from simple injuries to wrongful death.

Your attorney will handle the legal procedures involved and the various legal challenges that the opposition likely will file.

Settlements are common in civil litigation and your attorney will represent your best interests in negotiating a settlement. If a settlement is not possible, your attorney will aggressively present your case at trial.

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