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Lead Counsel for Businesses and Consumers


Hiring an attorney is typically done when an individual or business is facing some sort of emergency. When it comes to these serious legal issues, the difference between a successful resolution and an unfavorable outcome may rest on an attorney’s experience and expertise.

The Lead Counsel Verification was established as a quality assurance tool consumers and businesses can use to quickly and easily evaluate a prospective attorney’s ability and credibility before that initial consultation.

When you see the Verification, you can be assured the attorney has met strict qualification standards that include:

  • Professional experience in the relevant area of practice for your issues or business
  • Current and in good standing with their state’s attorney governing authority with a clean disciplinary record

Furthermore, an annual review is conducted in order to continually confirm an attorney’s eligibility for the Verification. Should the attorney no longer meet eligibility standards, the Verification is immediately revoked. Finally, attorneys may earn the right to use the Lead Counsel Verification free of charge. This confirms both Verification objectivity and credibility.

Lead Counsel Verified Badge

Lead Counsel Verification

  • Professional Experience
  • Spotless Record