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Hague Adoption

A Hague adoption refers to an adoption that takes place under the precepts of the Hague Adoption Convention, which is an international agreement to protect adoptions that take place between countries.

Issues Surrounding Hague Adoption

If you are attempting to adopt a child from another country, the rules surrounding that adoption are probably governed by the Hague Adoption Convention. Although not every country in the world is a party to the Convention, many of them are.

  • The Hague Adoption Convention was enacted for a variety of reasons involving protecting children, including:
  • Preventing the sale and trafficking of children.
  • Easing the adoption of children who are having difficulty being adopted in their own country.
  • Making sure the potential parents can provide a suitable home for the child to be adopted.

Hague Adoption Attorneys

If you are interested in a Hague Adoption, you will want to make sure that you follow procedure according to the Hague Adoption Convention properly. For this reason, you may want to hire a Hague Adoption attorney who understands the ins, outs, and potential complications surrounding adopting a child from a foreign country.

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