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Green Card and Permanent Residency Attorneys

Many people who wish to or are currently residing in the United States may want to become lawful permanent residents, informally known as “getting a green card.” There are many ways in which a person may become a lawful permanent resident, and each path to citizenship has certain requirements and procedural issues to overcome. An attorney familiar with the process of obtaining permanent residency can make the process much easier and also help avoid any potential issues that may arise.

How a Green Card Attorney Can Help

Immigration law involves a complicated set of federal laws and regulations difficult to navigate without legal representation. Any errors or oversight in the way a person applies for a lawful permanent residency could result in significant delays in processing or even denial of an application. An attorney can advise you about how to apply for residency, and represent you before any governmental body that has questions regarding your application. Some of the types of residency proceedings that a lawyer can assist with include:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Treaty-trader or treaty-investor immigration
  • Immigration as a refugee or one seeking asylum

An attorney can ensure that your request for permanent residency is correctly filed and also help navigate any problems that may come up.

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