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Foster Care Abuse Overview

Foster care is a government administered system and as such it may enjoy the protection of immunity against lawsuit. If you were abused while in foster care or you are a parent or other relative of someone who was abused, you may not know how to proceed in making a claim against a large, faceless government agency.

Why Contacting a Foster Care Abuse Lawyer Is Important

Consulting a foster care abuse lawyer may prove helpful. A lawyer can know of methods for circumventing immunity protections and see do it that your complaint is heard. An attorney may proceed with a civil action, pursuing a remedy for you through agency complaint process and hearings. Or the lawyer may advise that you proceed with criminal charges and speak with the district attorney’s office on your behalf.
If you or a relative suffered abuse while in foster care, the emotional toll of that experience may be too much for you to handle alone while trying to take action against the foster caregiver or the foster care agency. Working with a legal professional can better ensure that you have the chance to be heard and that you receive the remedies available to you. A lawyer can advise you on:
  • The possible civil case
  • The possible criminal case
  • Legal requirements to prove abuse
  • Take steps to have a child immediately removed from abusive foster care
  • The possible remedies, such as monetary damages, medical and psychological care, the foster care home losing its license, the child services agency changing or improving its practices and policies, the abusive caregiver being criminally prosecuted
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