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Conversion cases can be complex. Conversion is a tort, which is a civil wrong, and is committed when a person “converts” the property of another to his or her own use. A person whose property is converted has a right to bring a lawsuit to recover the use or the loss of the property converted.

Understanding the implications of conversion and how it applies to a case is crucial to a the success of a lawsuit. Degrees specified within the law determine the seriousness of a conversion, and can have a significant impact on the strength of a case.

A number of situations raise a civil tort. These include something owned (including money) that is used by another without permission; lost property that is found by another person and used, and property that is used and not returned in its original condition.

In many circumstances, a remedy under the law other than a conversion lawsuit, may achieve a preferred outcome. Proceeding on the advice of an attorney practicing in this area of law will assist in making successful choices regarding a conversion matter.

The Attorney’s Role in Conversion Cases

An attorney can help you:

  • Assess the strengths and shortcomings of your case
  • Anticipate the defendant’s strategy
  • Determine the best way to proceed
  • Negotiate a settlement
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