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Business Torts

When a criminal wrong has been committed, it is considered a crime. When a civil wrong has been committed, it is considered a tort. Business torts are special kind of torts that are committed by or against not an individual, but an organization.

Types of Business Torts

There are a great many business torts that can be committed, either by one organization against another, by an organization against an individual, or by an individual against an organization.

One type of business tort is intellectual property infringement. This occurs when an individual or organization steals another individual or organization’s patent, trademark or copyright.

Another type of business tort is tortious interference. This is when a third party interferes with two organizations attempting to form a business relationship. Some other types of business torts are unfair competition and misrepresentation.

Business Torts Attorneys

Whether you’re an individual who is being accused of or may be the victim of a business tort, or you are an organization dealing with business torts, it’s very important to have a skilled business torts attorney to help you navigate the situation. Without a knowledgeable attorney, you can be taken advantage of or have a very costly judgment made against you.

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