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Are you a legal professional, insurance company, government agency personnel, corporate legal department, media or other professional seeking to retain an expert witness or consultant? Search through over 600 categories for the expert witness or consultant that is right for your case.

Expert witness perform such services as accident reconstruction, failure analysis, computer forensics, forensic accounting, forensics engineering, human factors analysis, technical litigation support, pre-litigation research, and other services that require top-level expertise in areas including banking and business operations, biotechnology, chemistry and medical sciences, computers and Internet, forensics, electrical engineering, electronics, police operations, psychology, software and telecommunication. Expert witnesses offer their expertise with such cases as medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, products liability, product failures, construction accidents and disputes, residential and commercial disputes, motor vehicle and marine accidents, industrial fires and explosions of all kinds, toxic torts, criminal law, worker's compensation and environmental law.