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Neighbor Disputes Attorneys

When neighborhood disputes go beyond who borrowed whose lawn mower last, its time to get an experienced attorney who understands property and ownership laws in your area. Don’t let a neighborhood dispute escalate further, and don’t let neighbors take advantage of your property or belongings without your consent. Instead hire a neighborhood disputes lawyer to help you get the case settled for good.

Types of Neighbor Disputes Where an Attorney May be Needed

There are as many different kinds of neighborhood disputes as there are types of neighbors, but attorneys who specialize in neighborhood disputes in your area may be able to help. The most common reason for neighborhood disputes include:

  • Consistent loud noise even after the individual has been approached
  • Disputes over property boundaries such as where fences may be placed,
  • Where additions like pools or gazebos may be placed,
  • Tree and other plant ownership, and
  • Other maintenance issues.

When talking to them and pursuing any other official complaint in writing, such as, a complaint to the HOA, does not work. Law enforcement may need to be called and you should get a lawyer. Don’t allow neighborhood disputes to escalate and protect your property with a neighborhood disputes attorney.

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