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What Can I Do If I Disagree With A Denial Of Benefits?

If you or the employer disagrees with a decision, either party has the right to appeal and present testimony to an administrative law judge. The appeal must be postmarked or received within 10 calendar days after the mailing date shown on the decision. You may mail your appeal to the Appeals Bureau, Iowa Workforce Development, 1000 East Grand, Des Moines, IA 50309­0209 or fax it to (515) 242­5144. You may contact the Appeals Bureau at (515) 281­3747 or the local Workforce Development Center to assist you in filing an appeal or answering general questions.

A formal hearing over the telephone with an administrative law judge is scheduled. However, you or the employer may request an in­person hearing. Either party may choose to be represented by a lawyer, at that party ‘s own expense. The administrative law judge makes an impartial decision based on the information presented at the hearing and the contents of your file. You will receive the administrative law judge’s decision in the mail in about 10 to 14 days.