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How Do I File An Initial Claim For Unemployment Benefits?

All Unemployment Insurance benefit claims are filed by calling a Claims Center and completing the claim by telephone. Please have the following information available when you make your call:

  • Your Social Security Number;
  • Alien Registration Number (If you are not a U.S. Citizen);
  • Nebraska Drivers License Number or Nebraska ID (If you have one);
  • Complete names and addresses of all employers, and the dates that you worked for them during the past 18 months.

To file an initial New Claim application or to reopen an existing claim:

Lincoln Area (402) 458­2500
Omaha Area (402) 829­2800
Toll Free Number 1­877­725­9918

To file a Weekly Claim for a Benefit Check:

Lincoln Area (402) 471­7850
Omaha Area (402) 595­1030
Toll­Free Number 1­888 ­298­3455

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