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Unemployment Benefits

Losing your job is bad enough in either a troubled or a good economy, but if you are denied unemployment benefits, the financial consequences are almost certain to be serious.

The laws and procedures regulating unemployment benefits can vary from state to state, and navigating them on your own can be troublesome. In fact, many people do not know they are allowed to have legal representation when they try to get a denied claim reversed, but legal help may make a difference.

Should I Hire an Unemployment Benefits Attorney?

Seeking the advice of an attorney experienced in employment law and unemployment benefits is in your best interest. An attorney can evaluate your circumstances and determine if you have a case for reversing the denial.

Unemployment benefits attorneys realize your financial situation is tenuous, and some lawyers in this area of law have a sliding fee scale so you can afford to get the help you need. What you cannot afford is to be without legal help if you are denied unemployment benefits.

What Can an Unemployment Benefits Attorney Do?

When your state’s unemployment benefits agency denies your claim, you have a right to appeal its decision. Your appeal is heard in an appeal board hearing.

Your attorney will make sure your appeal is filed within the time allowed by your state. That is crucial because missing the deadline likely will prevent you from making an appeal.

Most people don’t understand the appeal process or the rules of evidence. But your attorney will explain these to you and tell you what evidence, such as written records and testimony of witnesses, is needed to convince the hearing officer to uphold your appeal.

Getting all your evidence into your appeal is crucial because once you file your appeal you may not be allowed to raise new evidence at your hearing.

With evidence supporting your appeal, your attorney will form an argument as to why your appeal should be granted and present your argument at the hearing.

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