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What Is The Process For Reporting New Hires?

There are several methods that can be used to report new hires.

(1) Online Reporting: First you must register and receive an ID and password. 

(2) Use FTP to transfer new hire reports. 

(3) Fax or Mail: You can fax or mail either the (1) New Hire Form, (2) W­4, or (3) a printed list with the required information. The address and fax number are as follows:

The Arkansas New Hire Reporting Center
PO Box 2540
Little Rock, AR 72203

Fax: 1­800­259­3562 or 1­501­376­2682

(4) Diskette or Magnetic Tape

If you are a multi­state employer, you may report newly hired employees to the State in which they are working or you may select one State to which to report all new hires. If one State is chosen, your new hire reports must be submitted electronically or by magnetic tape or diskette. Two monthly electronic or tape transmissions must be made which are not less than 12 nor more than 16 days apart. Please inform the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services of your decision.