Can I Get Assistance With Finding Employment?

You can get help looking for work at Alaska Job Centers where staff will assist you with job listings, resume writing, interviewing and job seeking skills. In addition, The Alaska Job Seeker page is available on the Internet and has many useful job seeking tools.

The State Training and Employment Program (STEP) is a program to reduce current and future claims against UI benefits by training those who face unemployment. The program is also charged with fostering growth of existing businesses and attracting new businesses to the state through development of a skilled workforce and lower employer UI costs.

You may be eligible to receive training through this program if you meet one of the following criteria: (1) You are unemployed and: receiving UI benefits, or exhausted your UI benefits; (2) You are unemployed and not eligible for UI because: employment has been seasonal, temporary, part­time or marginal, or your contributions to the UI Trust Fund were insufficient due to limited job opportunity in your area; or (3) You are employed but liable to be displaced within 6 months due to: layoff, elimination of your job, or you need to learn substantially different skills (Employer certification letter required in each case.)

For more information contact:

State Training & Employment Program Manager
Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Employment Security Division
3301 Eagle St. Ste 106
Anchorage, AK 99503

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