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What Is The Medical Security Plan?

The Medical Security Plan is a program of the Massachusetts Division of Employment and Training for residents of the Commonwealth who are receiving unemployment insurance benefits. Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to offer a health care plan for unemployment insurance claimants, by providing assistance with the cost of your existing health insurance premiums or by covering the cost of your actual medical expenses. If you are eligible for unemployment insurance benefits in Massachusetts, you should find out if you Û and your family Û may also be eligible for health insurance coverage under the Medical Security Plan (MSP).

You must meet income eligibility guidelines. Your total family income for six months prior to the date you apply for Medical Security Plan coverage Û plus your projected income for the next six months Û is required to be less than the amount shown in the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines chart.

If you have the option of continuing participation in your former employer’s health plan, or continuing a health insurance plan you have previously purchased yourself, you may receive monthly subsidies towards your premium payments. If you do not have the option of continuing a health plan in which you were enrolled prior to applying for unemployment insurance benefits, you may be eligible to receive a comprehensive benefits package including doctor visits, hospital care, and treatment for mental health and substance abuse. There is no monthly premium cost for this program. There are, however, some required co­payments and deductibles for certain services provided. Your coverage ends when you stop receiving unemployment benefits.

After you file your claim for unemployment insurance benefits, you will automatically receive an application packet directly from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. For more information on the Medical Security Plan, please call the Medical Security Plan Customer Service Office, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The toll­free number is 1­800­914­4455. The TTY/TDD: 617­ 956­3801.