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Gary Almeter has a B.A. in English/Communications from Le Moyne College, an M.Ed. in Secondary English from Boston College, and a J.D. from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. Following a varied and successful law practice that included a judicial clerkship, significant AmLaw 100 experience, and first chair jury trial experience, Gary is now devoting his efforts to legal content writing. Gary is the author of the memoir “The Emperor of Ice-Cream” and the novel “Kissing the Roadkill Back to Life,” as well as a frequent contributor to the humor website McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. 

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The Legal Process for Tenants To Report Health and Safety Violations

Renters have rights. Among them is the right to live in a safe and habitable space. No matter how much you pay in rent – you have this legal right, which means your landlord is responsible for keeping your living space safe and habitable. Unfortunately, things go wrong, and not… Read More

Tenant Associations and Rights

Tenant associations can give renters protection and power. However, to be effective, they must work effectively and adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and policies. This article answers frequently asked questions about tenant associations, their rights, and how they can best work together to improve living conditions.    While this… Read More

Navigating Lease Renewals and Terminations

The lease agreement is the contract between the landlord and tenant that governs the tenancy. It sounds simple. However, landlords and tenants encounter complexities and challenges when dealing with lease renewals and terminations. This article answers some frequently asked questions regarding lease renewals and terminations.  If you are a landlord… Read More

Squatter’s Rights and Preventing Unauthorized Occupancy

Property owners face many challenges. One consistent, frustrating, and perplexing challenge is tenants occupying a property without permission. This article provides essential information on squatters’ rights, adverse possession laws, tips for recognizing squatting situations, suggestions for the lawful prevention of squatting, and strategies for removing squatters.  The landlord-tenant laws regarding… Read More

Guidelines for Raising Rent

When raising a tenant’s rent, landlords have much to consider. There are several legal and practical considerations when raising a tenant’s rent. This article provides guidelines to help you comply with the legal standards when increasing rent. This can help keep an excellent landlord-tenant relationship with their tenants.  This article… Read More

Grounds for Eviction Other Than Non-Payment

For many reasons, a landlord may try to evict a tenant from an apartment or house. Understanding your rights and responsibilities can help you avoid eviction. This article provides an overview of other common grounds for eviction and what you can do.   Landlord-tenant laws vary from state to state and… Read More

Legal Considerations for Short-Term Rentals

The world of short-term rentals can be both exciting and frightening. It’s exciting to see the potential for additional rental income that short-term leasing can mean, but it can be scary to see the legal issues and potential problems that might arise. This article answers some frequently asked questions about… Read More

Handling Noise Complaints from Tenants

Even though noise complaints happen pretty often, handling them never seems easy. Nevertheless, handling them professionally and fairly is necessary to keep tenants happy and maintain a peaceful living environment. This article answers many of the most frequently asked questions about handling noise complaints from tenants in a residential apartment… Read More

Guidelines for Returning Security Deposits

Nothing causes landlords and tenants quite as much angst as navigating the rules around security deposits. This article provides an overview of those rules to help both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities regarding security deposits.  While this article hopes landlords and tenants can avoid disputes by clarifying… Read More

Sex Discrimination and Gender Discrimination

Sex discrimination is illegal, but it remains a significant issue in workplaces across the country. Sex and gender discrimination undermine the principles of fairness and equality. This article provides insight into various aspects of sex discrimination laws. This includes workplace examples and steps you can take to combat sex discrimination. Read More

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