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Tim Kelly, J.D.

Tim Kelly, J.D.
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Social Security Benefits Through Ex-Spouses

A person getting divorced after at least ten years of marriage keeps benefit rights on their former spouse’s Social Security record. To receive benefits, the divorced spouse must be at least 62, and their former spouse must be entitled to benefits. A former spouse can receive benefits without permission or… Read More

Retirement Benefits Overview

Whether years away or just around the corner, planning for retirement throughout one’s life is an essential and ongoing process. Retirement plans and benefits come in many shapes and sizes that, when properly structured, cater to the retiree’s needs. When considering your own retirement, you’ll want to pay close attention… Read More

Voter Requirements and Registration

Before you head to the polls to vote next election day, make sure you know what you need to vote legally in U.S. federal elections. You are eligible to vote in United States elections if you meet the following requirements: You are a U.S. citizen either by birth or naturalization.You meet your state’s… Read More

The Right to Vote

Voting rights are a fundamental cornerstone of democracy in the United States. These rights have been codified and refined as the democratic process has evolved throughout the nation’s history. Today, most U.S. citizens over 18 are eligible to vote in elections, though some states still have certain restrictions. Don’t wait… Read More