Divorce Law

What Documents and Supporting Information are Required to be Submitted with a Divorce Petition in Missouri?

In Missouri, a divorce petitioner must file a petition, a motion to modify, a motion for a family access order and a motion for contempt all of which shall be verified. The petition must set forth: (1) the residence of each party, including the county, and the length of residence of each party in this state and in the county of residence; (2) the date of the marriage and the place at which it is registered; (3) the date on which the parties separated; (4) the name, age, and address of each child, and the parent with whom each child has primarily resided for the sixty days immediately preceding the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage; (5) whether the wife is pregnant; (6) the last four digits of the Social Security number of the petitioner, respondent and each child; (7) any arrangements as to the custody and support of the children and the maintenance of each party; and (8) the relief sought. Within thirty days both parties must submit a joint or individual parenting plans for the court’s review. (Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 452 Section 310)