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Child Support Law

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Why Do Employers Play A Big Role In The Collection Of Child Support?

Welfare Reform has Identified jobs and child support as the keys to increased self­sufficiency. The law includes strict work requirements for custodial parents receiving welfare. It steps up efforts to locate parents who are not supporting their children and requires all support orders to be subject to income withholding, unless specifically agreed otherwise. Income Withholding has proven to be the single, most effective and consistent collection method, and New Hire Reporting has proven to be the most successful means of locating parents for the establishment and collection of that support. As payors of income, employers are the primary source that can consistently guarantee the earliest location of non­custodial parents and the speediest collection of child support. We recognize the extra work this places on employers, and we appreciate their efforts to ensure that America`s children have the necessary financial support from both parents.

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