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What Is Compliance And What Am I Required To Do When Returning The Vehicle?

The Attorney General`s Office will contact you to confirm whether the manufacturer has complied. If the manufacturer has not complied or appealed, the Attorney General`s Office may fine them.

If an arbitration decision awards repurchase or replacement of a defective vehicle, compliance with the decision occurs at a time, place and in a manner that is mutually agreeable to the you and the manufacturer.

You must return the vehicle free of damage; a consumer is not responsible for problems related to `wear and tear` from ordinary or expected use of the vehicle or damage related to defects covered by the warranty.

If the vehicle has been damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, or collision (e.g., a dented fender from an accident or a broken/cracked windshield), the consumer has the option of having the vehicle repaired or transferring any insurance claim/insurance settlement to the manufacturer.

When returning a vehicle to the manufacturer, you cannot remove any equipment or options from the vehicle that were included in the purchase or lease. If you added features after buying or leasing the vehicle (e.g. car telephone or a canopy for a truck), those items may be removed while avoiding further damage, but you are not required to return the vehicle to original condition.