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Dealer fraud generally refers to a situation where an automobile dealer employs deceitful practices in order to secure a sale or to make more money through a sale than the buyer intended to spend. Dealer fraud can occur during the advertising process, during the deal negotiation, or at the actual time of purchase.

Types of Dealer Fraud

There are many types of dealer fraud. Consumers often complain about a fraudulent tactic called the “bait and switch.” In the bait and switch, the dealer advertises a specific car, then, when the buyer arrives, the dealer explains that that car is no longer available, and instead pushes the buyer towards a different vehicle. Of course, there could be legitimate reasons for the original car to no longer be available. An experienced dealer fraud attorney can help you defend against this complaint and clear your name of the charges brought against you.

Another serious type of dealer fraud is mileage rollback. It is important to keep clear documentation on all cars to ensure you can defend against this type of accusation. If you need more information about mileage rollback or dealer fraud in general, seek the legal counsel of a dealer fraud attorney today to get your questions answered and assess your susceptibility to such accusations.

Hire an Attorney to Defend Against Dealer Fraud Accusations

If you’ve been accused of dealer fraud, there is a real threat to your business and your reputation. Your first step should be to contact an experienced fraud attorney who can inform you of your rights and help you prepare a strong defense. An experienced dealer fraud attorney can help you defend yourself against the serious allegations of dealer fraud.

Proper legal representation can protect you against loss of your personal and corporate reputation, and protect from having to pay out hefty financial compensation to your accuser. Search for a local dealer fraud attorney who can help you understand and protect your rights as a citizen today.

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