Lemon Law

How Long Should The Repair Attempt Process Take?

The Lemon Law allows the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to repair or correct the defect. A reasonable number means three (3) repair attempts for the same defect or a total of 30 cumulative days out of service because of a series of defects or repairs. Also, a reasonable number of attempts to repair may consist of five (5) or more attempts, on separate occasions, to repair varying nonconformities that together substantially impair the use and value of your vehicle.

Final repair attempt. Before you can file a claim under the Lemon Law, you must give the manufacturer one final chance to repair the defect. You must send a letter to the manufacturer (not the dealer) by certified mail, return receipt requested, stating that you may have a claim and that you are giving the manufacturer one last chance to repair the defect.

This letter should be mailed after the third unsuccessful repair attempt. Consult your owner`s manual for address information. Keep a photocopy of the letter for your records and your certified mail receipt as proof that the letter was received by the manufacturer.

After receiving your letter, the manufacturer has ten (10) calendar days to schedule a final repair attempt. If the manufacturer does not schedule the final repair attempt timely, or if the defect is not repaired within ten (10) days after the scheduled repair attempt, or you have a right to demand a replacement vehicle or a refund.

You must maintain a copy of your letter and the return receipt verification before you can file a claim under the Lemon Law.

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