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What Is The Procedure For Filing A Claim?

    Notify the Vermont Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board and the manufacturer by mailing the appropriate copies of the forms you received when your car was delivered.

  • Arbitration of your claim by the Board must be held within 45 days of receipt of the notice. Either party may obtain an extension if good cause is shown. If the manufacturer requests the extension, they must provide you with free use of a vehicle if yours is out of service.
  • The manufacturer has one final opportunity to repair the defect prior to the hearing, at no cost to you. If you are not satisfied with the repair, even if the defect appears to have been fixed, you may continue to hearing. If you are satisfied with the repair, the arbitration process ends. However, you have the right to renew the arbitration if the repair proves to be unsatisfactory before expiration of the manufacturer`s express warranty.
  • You may not use this procedure if you have discontinued financing or lease payments due to the manufacturer`s alleged breach of warranty.
  • You may not use this procedure if you elected to use the manufacturer`s dispute settlement mechanism as an alternative to filing with the Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board.