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What Will Happen At The Hearing?

First, you will present your side of the story. Then, the judge or the manufacturer`s representatives may ask you questions about your statements or documents.

Next, the manufacturer`s case is presented. They may bring witnesses or documents to try to show one of three things:

  • there is no defect at all;
  • the defect is minor and does not substantially impair the vehicle`s use or market value;
  • the defect was caused by owner neglect or some other factor.

Be sure to take notes as the manufacturer presents the case so you can then ask specific questions about testimony or documents.

After all the evidence is received, the hearing recesses for a vehicle inspection and test drive. The ALJ may decide to conduct the inspection and test drive after you present your case, and will explain the procedures. At the hearing`s conclusion, each party summarizes the evidence presented and argues for a specific result.