Lemon Law

What Arbitration Programs Are Available To Me?

Manufacturer Sponsored Arbitration
Many manufacturers sponsor arbitration programs to hear and make decisions about consumer warranty problems. An owner with a defective vehicle must contact the manufacturer`s representative listed in the owner`s manual to try to solve the problem.

  • An owner may agree to resolve a problem through arbitration.
  • The arbitrator`s decision is binding on the manufacturer, but not the owner.
  • Owners may still pursue their Lemon Law rights through a lawsuit if not satisfied with an arbitration decision.

If the manufacturer sponsors an arbitration program, it must be used before a Lemon Law lawsuit can be filed in Pennsylvania.

State Arbitration
Some states sponsor an arbitration program that can be used if a particular manufacturer has no program of its own, or if the buyer is not satisfied with the result of manufacturer­sponsored arbitration.

Pennsylvania does not have its own arbitration program.