Lemon Law

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What Are The Possible Outcomes?

If the Lemon Law criteria are met, the law presumes that you are entitled to receive a comparable new replacement vehicle, of the same model with the same features, that is accepable to you, or a refund.

In the case of a refund, the manufacturer is entitled to deduct a reasonable allowance for vehicle use, based on the number of miles driven from date of delivery. After this deduction, you are entitled to receive the full purchase price, taxes, license and registration fees, and all other similar governmental fees, excluding finance interest.

If the following conditions prevail, you are not eligible for legal remedy under the Lemon Law:

  • The manufacturer proves that it has not had a reasonable opportunity to repair your car. For example, they prove that the number of repair attempts was not reasonable because you did not follow the terms of the warranty or some event (such as a labor strike, war, or natural disaster) prevented timely repairs.
  • If the manufacturer proves that no problem exists or that the problem does not substantially impair the vehicle`s use, value, or safety.
  • If the defect was the result of abuse, neglect, unauthorized alterations or modifications, or an accident.