Lemon Law

How Do I Pursue A Lemon Law Claim?

Your owner`s manual will have the specifics on how to pursue a claim if your vehicle meets all the requirements of a real lemon! Your new vehicle only qualifies under this process if the problem you have with it occurs during the first 15 months or 15,000 miles. Before the time or mileage limit is up, you must report the problem in writing to the manufacturer by certified mail. Request a return receipt so you have a record of the notification. After you notify the manufacturer of your problem, you must give them the opportunity to fix it.

The manufacturer must fix your vehicle`s problem, or replace it. The manufacturer can also refund you the full purchase price for the vehicle, less a reasonable allowance for your use of the vehicle. If you are refunded for your vehicle, the manufacturer must notify you in writing that you are entitled to the recovery of the excise taxes you paid on the vehicle. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will then be able to refund your excise taxes, calculated on the amount of the refund you received.