As An Employer Must I Provide A Former Or Current Employee With A Copy Of My Employment Personnel Files?

There’s no federal law or Tennessee law that requires the employer to do so. The employment file is the property of the employer. The employer is not required to furnish current or former employee’s whole file or specific things in the file. However, the employer may choose to furnish a copy. If the employee files suit, they will be able to subpoena the file any way. An employer may charged for example 50 cents a page to cover time and cost to copy, payable up front in cash. Example, the person requesting the file, should be told how many pages are in the file. If the file consist of fifty pages, they would have to present the employer with $25.00 before the file would be copied. Do not pick and choose copy everything, W­4 changes, benefit changes, address changes, etc.

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