Aviation Law

How To Find an Aviation Attorney

It can be frustrating dealing with the airlines after they damage your luggage or cancel a flight. However, it can be worse if you suffer an injury on a flight and need help paying for your medical bills and lost wages. Getting compensated after an aviation-related injury can be easier after you contact an aviation attorney for help.

This article summarizes aviation accidents and how you can find the right airline accident lawyer to handle your case. The process for a personal injury claim is different in every state. Contact an aviation lawyer in your state for legal advice about how they can help with your airline accident claim.

Aviation Law Overview

For passengers, most aviation law issues involve problems with the airlines, property damage claims, breach of contract, and airplane-related injuries. Aviation matters can be based on federal and international laws, but some legal issues may also involve state law injury claims.

Airplane Accident Injuries

Not all airplane accidents involve an airplane crash. There are other airline-related accident injuries that happen on private aircraft and commercial airlines every day. Accidents can occur during boarding, taxiing, take-off, in the air, or on landing. Some types of airplane-related injuries could include:

If someone is injured because of negligence, they can recover money to pay for damages, including medical bills and lost income. An aviation attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit against the airline for damages if a passenger is injured because of a negligent flight attendant or pilot.

Lost Luggage and Damaged Property

Air carriers are required to compensate passengers for lost or damaged baggage. However, the airline may deny your claim because they do not believe you or may only compensate you a portion of your losses. An aviation attorney can negotiate with the airlines and may help you get more money for your lost property.

Ways To Find an Aviation Law Attorney

Knowing where to start when looking for an aviation attorney can be challenging. Here are some options to help you begin your search for the right lawyer to handle your case.

Online Search Tools

If you search Google for aviation lawyers, you may get millions of results, but many of the top results will just be paid ads and may not match your needs. Third-party legal resources websites, like LawInfo, can help you find licensed attorneys in your area who can answer your questions about specific practice areas of law, including aviation law. Use this link to search for an aviation attorney where you live.

Family and Friend Referrals

The first place you can start is by talking to friends or family. Ask if they know a lawyer who handles plane crash accidents or if they work at law offices that could handle these types of cases. If your friend or family member had a good experience with this attorney, you could ask for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Your State Bar Association

The practice of law and lawyer licensing is handled by each state. Many state bar associations even provide a lawyer referral service to the public. For example, in Texas, the state bar’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service helps the public find a lawyer or other resources that match their legal needs. Check your state’s bar association website to see if they provide referrals. There may be a fee for the initial consultation.

Finding the Right Aviation Attorney for Your Case

Be prepared before meeting with the attorney for an initial consultation. You don’t have to hire the first lawyer you talk to, and you should look for another attorney if you do not feel like they are the right fit for your case. You should write down a list of questions you want to be answered before you hire an attorney, including:

  • Is the airline responsible for my injuries?
  • How many years of experience do you have with airplane-related accident cases?
  • Do you charge a flat fee, hourly rate, or contingency fee?
  • How will I stay informed about updates in my case?
  • What can I expect after I hire you to handle my case?
  • What steps should I be taking to support my claim?

Using LawInfo’s attorney directory to find an aviation lawyer in your area can help to ensure the airline is held responsible for your injuries.

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