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Aviation Accidents

Nobody wants to suffer the serious injuries that can often occur in an aviation accident. But when the time comes to hold those responsible accountable, it’s good to know your legal rights and options. Aviation accidents can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, these accidents are a direct consequence of decisions made by an airline, whether through their own actions or those of a third party.

LawInfo provides further information on this topic in the articles below, but this can be a timely matter. Take action today and speak to an experienced and local aviation accident attorney.

Aviation Accident Law Resources

  • Who is liable in an aviation accident: “The negligent party in an aviation accident can be held liable for their actions. This means they may be legally responsible for any damages caused, including losses for property damage, personal injury, or fatalities. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can help the injured party identify who is responsible and ensure they are held accountable for what they did.”

  • Damages for aviation accidents: To recover money after a plane accident, the victims of the accident can file a personal injury claim against the responsible parties. The parties responsible for an accident could be the pilot, commercial airline company, or aircraft manufacturer.”

  • Suing for emotional damages after an aviation accident: “Proving emotional distress damages can be more challenging than physical injuries because they may not be visible. However, mental health is just as important as physical health. If you or a loved one suffered an injury involving an airplane, you can take legal action to get money for emotional distress.”

  • Rules and regulations: To prevent aircraft accidents, the federal government has created safety standards that various federal agencies enforce. This includes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for regulation of civil aviation, including air traffic control and airport standards.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

As with any accident, the financial and emotional costs can pile up over time. You could be facing expensive medical bills, therapy bills, high funeral costs for a loved one, or other unforeseen circumstances. Victims of aircraft accidents deserve legal recourse, and receiving it is often their only option to recover the damages inflicted by the airline.

The first step toward receiving your compensation is to meet with a local personal injury attorney with experience in aviation accidents. Their legal know-how can help bring an acceptable resolution to your difficulties.

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