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Arkansas Legal Resources

Overview of the Arkansas Court System

Arkansas has many different courts, and it may be confusing for residents to figure out which ones might be relevant to particular legal issues. 

The court system in Arkansas has four distinct levels. The first level is made up of state and local district courts, which handle small claims, minor civil and criminal offenses, and preliminary hearings for more serious cases. Fifty-five full-time judges serve on the state district courts, and 37 part-time judges hear cases in local district courts. 

The second level of courts, the circuit courts, includes the probate, juvenile, and family courts, as well as the general civil and criminal trial courts. Arkansas has 28 circuit courts, and they are served by 121 judges. 

Decisions made in the circuit courts may be sent to the third level of courts, the Arkansas Court of Appeals. The Arkansas Supreme Court, the fourth level, consists of seven justices who preside over appeals from the appellate court and also oversee general administrative duties for the Arkansas court system.

Arkansas Attorneys and Lawyers

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