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How To Deal With A Bad Neighbor

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Having to deal with a bad neighbor can be one of the most frustrating situations. It’s your home. You should be able to enjoy it without excessive interference from your neighbors, right? Yes! Each of us has a right to a certain amount of peace and quiet in our homes. In fact, city and county ordinances even control things like noise and activity levels, which neighbors can rely on. If a situation with one of your neighbors is starting to get out of control, first, try talking to them. You might be surprised. Sometimes and honest and sensitive conversation can resolve the situation, but if it’s already become nasty between you and your neighbor, you may need to speak to an attorney. You may be able to file a court action against the neighbor for nuisance, enforce your homeowner’s association rules, or even sue for violating your property rights, like rights-of-way. For more information about how to deal with a bad neighbor contact the real estate attorney today.

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