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Adding Your Spouse to the Property Deed

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It’s fairly simple to add a spouse to a deed on property. The title to a property can be changed by filing a quit claim deed with the local county recorder or assessors in the county where the property is located. Understand that this is different from adding this spouse to a mortgage, and usually a change to the deed will affect the mortgage. It may even trigger the mortgage to become due unless [it] is done properly. Check with your lender about it first. Also, there are a variety of issues that you may want to discuss with an attorney about the legal consequences of adding a spouse to the property deed, the effect of the marriage on your assets, and the ins and outs of owning a property as a married couple. It’s wise to seek the advice of an attorney so that you understand the rules at play and can make the best decision for your situation. For more information about adding a spouse to a property deed or marital property in general, contact an attorney in your area.

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