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Types Of Unlawful Police Misconduct

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While most law enforcement officers in this country perform their jobs with respect for others and in compliance, unfortunately incidents of police misconduct sometimes occur. Police misconduct is illegal and it violates the victims’ civil rights. Some examples of illegal police misconduct include: excessive force (such as excessive use of deadly force, pepper spray, or improper use of canines), racially discrimination and harassment, including the use of racial slurs, sexual assault intentional false arrest. Fabrication of evidence And even… unlawful stops or searches. While just one isolated incident of police misconduct can be considered unlawful, certain types of misconduct must be proven to constitute a pattern or practice in order for a claim to be successful. Victims of police misconduct have had their civil rights violated and have important remedies under the law. Those illegal discriminated against or unlawfully treated may be entitled to compensation for their suffering… and even one claim can create change – eliminating discriminatory or abusive practices of law enforcement.

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