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What to Do if You or a Family Member is Detained by Immigration

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If you or a family member is detained by Immigration it is important to remember the following: Do not sign any paperwork. Unfortunately, by signing you may waive your right to an attorney, to a hearing before an immigration judge, or you may even be signing your own voluntary departure. You have the right to an attorney, and you should consult with one as soon as possible. Do not trust the immigration officers will know or explain your rights in a clear manner. Immigration is a complex area of law and even a well-intentioned officer may not know your best legal options. You have the right to ask for a bond, but your particular situation will determine whether you qualify. Remember, being detained is a hard and confusing time and it will take time for you or your family member to be processed through the system. It is important to contact an immigration attorney to help facilitate the best possible outcome.

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