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Can Home Foreclosure Be Prevented

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If you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments, you may fear foreclosure is next. While the lender can declare the mortgage to be in “default” and begin foreclosure proceedings, there maybe be options for avoiding foreclosure. First, keep in mind that most mortgage agreements include acceleration clauses – this means that upon default, the lender could not only require you to pay overdue mortgage payments, but could also require the balance of the mortgage be paid in full. Usually, the lender will eventually send you a notice of foreclosure proceedings. Whether foreclosure is the right option for you depends on a variety of factors about your financial situation. That said, you may be able to avoid foreclosure by contacting an attorney to help negotiate a reduced payment plan or other workout solution. If your financial difficulties are temporary and you reasonably expect your financial situation to improve shortly, then you may have a variety of options available to you to prevent foreclosure. For more information on avoiding foreclosure on your home, contact an attorney in your area today.

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