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What To Do If CPS Comes To My Home

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Many states have laws that require individuals to report incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect to the authorities. These matters may be transferred to child protected services who conduct an investigation. If you’re being investigated, it’s natural to feel violated and lost. However, it’s important to understand you have Constitutional rights that can be enforced to fight a CPS investigation. Although caseworkers have fairly broad authority to conduct their investigation, they do not have the ultimate right to disrupt your family and control your life. If a caseworker comes to your home, he or she will usually want to examine your child or children, discuss the report with you, conduct interviews, request medical records, and more. It’s important to cooperate with the early investigation, but seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. If you’re being investigated by child protective services, be sure to speak with an experienced CPS defense attorney in your area.

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