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What To Bring To Your Divorce Consultation

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Are you preparing for an initial consultation with a divorce attorney? Attorneys each have their own way of handling the initial consultation, so always ask the attorney if there’s anything special you should bring to the meeting. That said, you’ll definitely want to bring any legal paperwork related to your separation or divorce, including any formal separation agreement and if there’s a prenuptial agreement in place. You also want to gather financial information, including marital assets, debts, income and expenses. Finally, if you have children, let the attorney know what kind of custody and visitation arrangement you would like to achieve. Divorce can be a very difficult time. Discuss your case with the attorney as honestly as possible. In the initial consultation, one of the important things will be looking for is whether or not you can speak easily and candidly with the attorney. The right attorney will not only represent your best interest in the divorce will also help you focus on the future.

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