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It’s tough to get real statistics on infidelity, but unfortunately it is all too common. An affair typically has substantial impact on a couple emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps even legally. Adultery may be grounds for divorce under fault-based divorce laws, but even in no-fault divorce states, adultery may still be a factor in the proceedings if alimony is an issue. In many states a court may consider whose fault it was for the breakup of the relationship when deciding whether to award alimony. For instance, that the spouse seeking an alimony award committed adultery here she will have a more difficult time convincing the court that he or she is entitled to alimony than if he or she had not been unfaithful. There also seems to be a growing trend toward holding the affair partner accountable in some way for the adultery. Should a betrayed spouse be able to bring a lawsuit against the other woman or the other man for knowingly interfering with the marriage? Statistics show most spouses were unaware of the affair until it was too late. Private investigators are commonly engaged to assist in these matters. To learn more about how to deal with adultery or infidelity in your situation contact in experienced professional today.

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