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Are You A Victim Of Predatory Lending

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Unfortunately, many Americans have fallen victim to mortgage loan fraud, sometimes called predatory lending. This is when a broker, appraiser or bank intentionally misleads a home buyer into a bad loan to make a profit. Predatory mortgage lending is [illegal] and can cause financial hardship resulting in foreclosure, bankruptcy and damaged credit. Pay attention to the warning signs of a bad loan. Were you pressured into providing false information? If the lender encouraged you to falsify your income, expenses or cash flow, the lender may have tried to get you a loan that you couldn’t actually afford. Did you leave signature lines blank? This can lead to a multitude of problems about what you actually agreed to borrow. Were you pressured into loans you didn’t understand or want, such as balloon loans, interest-only payments, or prepayment penalties you didn’t fully understand? If you feel you’ve been victimized by predatory mortgage lending, contact an experience attorney in your area to discuss your legal options.

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